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1. an attempt at getting attention on social media that misses its potential

2. a missed opportunity to bring people to your content

Reach Your Audience Visually

Your Content Deserves Better Links

You probably shared a link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social network before, only to find that the thumbnail was missing, there was a different image than you expected, or the description was off.

Smart sharers don't let that happen to them.
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Works On Networks Such As

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Replace Wrong Or Misleading Tags

Highlight what you do, not the tools you use.

Social Media Sites

are the key drivers of most of the web’s traffic. Consequently, harnessing the power of social meta tags is an essential skill for everyone trying to share content.
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From Zero Tags to Full Listing in 60s or Less

Posts that contain links with no tags get almost zero traction. Stand out with a full-width image on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Social Media Tags

can affect conversions and click-through rates dramatically. Ignoring this content means missing valuable opportunities to engage your audience. puts you in charge of the images and the descriptions you are sharing.

Ideal for Linking to Online Classes & Webinars on


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Social Sharing

using your own titles, descriptions, and images. Take Control Now.
With you are in control of important meta tags for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Start sharing better for just $9.95/month.
Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a trial or free version of this service?
Unfortunately not. But the service is so straight-forward. You should not need a trial version. If you don't like it, you can cancel anytime.
What Happens After We Sign Up?
You sign up with your existing Google account, put a credit card on file, and off you go. You can create your first link in a minute.
What is actually happening behind the scenes?
In short, for every link you give us, we create a landing page with a cute little animation and button that redirects a user to the actual content. In some cases we can even forward the user automatically. We return a link on to you, which is the link you are sharing on social media. Basicalliy it's link in - link out.
Can I have multiple links with different tags to the same location?
We're glad you asked. Absolutely. In fact, it is strongly encouraged. This way you can see which text/visual combination works best for content that you control.

Launching Soon.

Fixes ugly links on social media

Create richer links for better results

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